What are podcards?

Hello, I’m Myron. Podcards started out as simple, daily cue cards containing the germ of wisdom in a one simple concise statement or question for me to meditate on in moments of silent reflection.

Wisdom is the application of intelligence and creativity towards a common good with a solid grounding in moral, ethical, and sociological values. Wisdom is thus the highest form of novel idea—literally universal values (verities) that are self-evident.

Podcards is an attempt to capture humanity’s best ideas while filtering out the din of their innumerable competitive exponents. It is an unbiased interweaving of eastern and western thought, but at it’s heart of hearts, it is simply a way to invite compassion, love, and kindness into your life.

How do I use podcards?

Tune in to mettā or praśna daily and use their little snippets of wisdom to bring a little love and kindness into your life. That’s it really! If you really love them as much as we do, consider buying the card deck or printing your own podcards with these instructions. You can always listen to the podcast episode by pointing your phone’s camera at the handy QR code on the face of your card.